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Optimizing processes and increasing online auto parts sales

Vicente Comesaña, CEO of Multibreves Network S.L., a Spain-based company offering software for vehicle recyclers to sell auto parts online in Europe, speaks to Auto Recycling World about the benefits of using such software.


Optimizing processes and increasing online auto parts sales p
Vicente Comesaña

Multibreves Network was born in 2014 as a technology services company to help scrapyards sell auto parts online in various marketplaces and platforms in Europe. We started with scrapyards in Spain to gain experience and learned firsthand everything necessary to succeed on platforms such as ebay.

Nowadays, our team and specialized software tools have developed a methodology to help distributors of new and used automotive parts succeed in sales on the main sales platforms and marketplaces. Multibreves has become the first ebay Account Management Technology Platform within the “parts and accessories” category in Europe.

The used parts business is changing. In these modern times, sustainable development has become the most important topic of the last decade. Digitalization and technology are fundamental pillars for this, but not all scrapyards have their entire physical inventory digitalized (with photo, price, OEM references, IAM, compatibilities, etc.)

Today the vehicle fleet is very similar throughout Europe, it may be that some scrapyards are dedicated to either recycling more modern vehicles or older ones, but that would be a small piece of the pie because almost all scrapyards coincide in a high percentage of vehicles they recycle.

If we were to cross-reference the stock among all the scrapyards in Europe, there would be a match of more than 80%. So who wins in online sales?

According to our point of view and expertise of dealing with more than 10 million parts online, the winner is the one that has the most digitized references in its stock. Other important factors greatly influence the sale, such as: Which parts should I dismantle for this vehicle? What is the right price to put on this used part? What is the price of this part on the market right now? For these questions, there are also technological solutions on the market based on scrapping or price tracking on the web or artificial intelligence (AI) systems, and we will talk about that in detail in a future article.

At Multibreves, we help scrapyards to optimize their processes and increase their online sales. We offer a professional service based on the following points:


We have a specialized technical team, methodology and tools with the aim of knowing what the current situation of our future client is and what are the next steps we have to take together regarding technology and the processes of workflow.


We plan all the necessary actions to improve our presence in the leading marketplaces and online platforms of the automotive sector. Our account managers will develop and execute a plan, so the client does not have to worry about anything. We leave nothing to chance.


Your products will never be “just one more” among hundreds of competitors. Our technicians and account managers are specifically trained to “convince” buyers with item descriptions, references, metadata and all kinds of technical data necessary to give good information to the buyer, knowing how to use texts and keywords in the right place in the product sheet. This, added to our team of graphic designers, will enhance your brand and your items to the maximum.


We are pioneers as an ebay agency specializing in the Spare Parts and Accessories categories in Spain. We are currently working with scrapyards in France, Italy and Germany. We are one of the biggest agencies in Europe specialized in this category. We have the best team with real specialists in ebay and other European Marketplaces or platforms for selling automotive and motorcycle parts and accessories. We have connectors and our own publishing software tested for years with millions of products and hundreds of satisfied customers.

Bet on the experience of Multibreves.

ebay is the best showcase to sell new and second-hand parts, and Multibreves is the ebay Account Management platform to manage it.

To find out more about Multibreves, visit