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Partvision – e-commerce solution for the Used Auto Parts Industry

Company founder and CEO, Tomas Ciegė, tells us about the idea of Partvision, its implementation, and development and how it can help service the auto recycling industry.


Partvision – e-commerce solution for the Used Auto Parts Industry feat two
Tomas Ciegė

Developed specifically for companies selling used auto parts, our e-commerce solution, Partvision, combines a modern web-store, warehouse management system, and information assistance.

The user-friendly interface is easily set-up and managed, Partvision allows companies to expand their business opportunities by selling the available parts online, as well as significantly reducing labour costs and properly managing all data.

At the beginning of the project

Partvision – e-commerce solution for the Used Auto Parts Industry feat oneWe are not new to the used auto parts industry. Much of our team has been supporting the industry for more than 15 years and we began with simple things: vehicle dismantling and auto parts selling. From that hands-on experience, we understand the unique needs of used auto parts dealers.

As the business expanded, we realised that the time came to sell used auto parts online as well. However, the used auto parts business is specific and fundamentally different from the business that sells new auto parts where everything is beautifully packaged, perfectly labelled and stacked neatly on the shelves. We also understood that in order to sell a used auto part via the web-store, usual online shopping solutions were not suitable, and a sector-specific tool was needed.

Then came the idea to create software that would be convenient, functional, and easy to operate. We developed this system for ourselves, but after seeing how well it worked, we improved it and started sharing the software with other companies in the region.

Throughout the developing markets of Eastern Europe and Asia, the number of companies offering used auto parts for sale is growing rapidly. These independent retailers need e-commerce solutions to connect with buyers around the globe. This became even more relevant in 2020, as businesses in all industries have turned to e-commerce as a way to serve their customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While developing Partvision, we did everything from the beginning to the current result – vehicle dismantling, auto parts selling, software developing, and testing in real conditions, so we know what problems may occur very well. We are well aware that the client needs a convenient but functional tool.

The main goals of Partvision

While working on the Partvision project, the key problems were clarified, and achieving three of the most important goals was our main wish:

  • That the used auto parts sellers could open their modern design and up-to-date e-shops quickly and easily.
  • That the parts could be uploaded to the web store’s system very quickly and in the least amount of steps
  • That Partvision would show the financial condition of each purchased and dismantled vehicle (how many parts of a specific vehicle have been sold, what the cost-income ratio of that vehicle is, how much profit has been made, etc.).

When a Partvision user logs in, the system shows statistics for every dismantled vehicle. Once the user uploads the parts available for sale, the system automatically calculates and posts its detailed information.

Other than these three objectives, we sought that the Partvision solution would enter the e-commerce market smoothly and quickly, it would be easily and quickly mastered, and that our team could operationally adapt it while keeping in mind the client’s needs or growing sales, and could add a variety of convenient new functions.

Our client does not need to purchase a large software package at once, instead, he can purchase a basic version of Partvision and immediately start selling the parts. Later on, the system can be further developed by adding additional necessary features based on personal client requirements.

Providing marketing services is an important part of the business

If a company opens a new web-store, it does not mean that anyone will know about it or that it will be shown by the top results on an online search engine. That is why we do not abandon our clients, we help them become visible on the internet, but to do so in the automotive industry, requires a piece of specific knowledge as selling used auto parts has little similarity to selling clothing for example.

Challenges we have encountered

We were well aware that disassembling a used vehicle makes it difficult to upload the parts to the computer. Stores that sell new parts have all the data, packaging, labels and codes, so everything on the computer is uploaded automatically.

Used auto parts stores only have the part that needs to be photographed, its code has to be entered, the condition has to be described, and so on. It takes a long time to upload that part into the system.

One of the biggest challenges in developing Partvision was to minimise the time spent by the employee uploading the parts which would directly depend on how many steps are required. So the task was clear – to reduce the number of steps to a minimum, to automate a larger part of the work, and to use the previous history of uploading parts as efficiently as possible. Once we developed the appropriate algorithms, we began to thoroughly test how they work: we performed all the operations that a Partvision user would have to do and I want to rejoice that the uploading speed of the auto parts at the start of the development of the software and after optimising all processes differed 5 times.

The goal was to help the users to find the required part as quickly as possible by using Partvision. It is not easy, as the official name of the car part may differ from the one used in the car owner’s jargon. The official name might mean nothing to the buyer while the jargon, even in different regions of the same country, may vary. To avoid this issue, we built in a function that allowed us to enter both specific and alternative keywords into the system so it would immediately understand and suggest options.

I would like to emphasise that we are not only selling and launching the software, but we serve, consult, help to establish in the e-commerce market, provide information not only about the software but also about the auto parts if there are any uncertainties for the users, which therefore allows us to offer thorough support.

Though Partvision is more focused on small and medium-sized businesses, this program can also be expanded to properly serve a large company. Partvision is a flexible tool that can be developed following the growth of a company and meet all new needs.

Connecting a global wholesalers community online

Looking to the future, we see growth through the development of a common platform that unites used auto parts sellers’ online stores using Partvision with global wholesalers, and by building supportive relationships with clients to ensure the industry continues to thrive.

To find out more about Partvision, visit