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pH7 Technologies Inc. partners with Noble6

The partnership will provide access to the pH7 non-acid based chemistry solution for the recycling of spent catalysts to North America.


pH7 Technologies Inc. partners with Noble6 p
Vancouver, Sep. 15, 2022. pH7 Technologies and Noble6 are pleased to announce they have entered a North American strategic partnership, combining pH7’s leading technologies for the recycling of platinum group metals (PGM) with Noble6’s world-class logistics and transparency to bring the next-gen precious metals processing.


With PGM becoming a key material for the development of next generation renewable energy, companies recognize the need to secure the supply of materials needed. The pH7-Noble6 partnership brings together over two decades of experience with supply chain and processing of platinum, palladium, rhodium, and iridium from recyclers in North America.

Mohammad Doostmohammadi, CEO of pH7 Technologies Inc, said:

“The pH7-Noble6 partnership is a unique combination. Noble6’s understanding of complex supply chain and transparent approach to the recycling of PGM, in combination with proven environmentally friendly wet chemistry methodologies from pH7 Technologies will allow for sustainable extraction and refining of strategic metals, essential for the transition to renewable energy.”

Edmund Schwenk, CEO of Noble6, said:

“Noble6 and pH7 share a passion to not only bring the industry the proper technology to increase their profits but also to provide information and transparency. PGM catalyst recyclers will now have access to an affordable, sustainable, and clean technology solution for their low-grade materials. The processing of silicon carbide, titania and zirconia substrates has always been difficult – until now.”

pH7 is a leader in extraction and refining of precious metals with zero emissions and with low energy consumption, allowing selective precious metal extraction at competitive costs.

Noble6 is demystifying the process of recycling Catalytic Converters with fair pricing. It has over a decade of experience in the PGM recycling industry and provides a simpler way to get recycled materials to processing capacity.