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Portugal – 20,000 used vehicle parts seized from online vendor

Around 20,000 used vehicle parts, with an estimated value exceeding 203,000 euros, were seized by the authorities in Portugal. The operator responsible for the sale of these products was duly notified to withdraw them from online platforms.


Portugal - 20,000 used vehicle parts seized from online vendor p
image credit: ShutterStock

In a concerted effort to monitor the online trade of such items, the North Regional Unit of the Food and Economic Security Authority (ASAE) successfully apprehended the aforementioned used vehicle parts.

In a statement, ASAE said that the inspection was aimed at “an economic operator who sold used car parts online, which were not accompanied by information on the license number of the dismantling operator of origin, in the district of Porto.”

During the operation, the inspectors found that, in addition to selling used parts, “the company dismantled end-of-life vehicles, without having the necessary legal license to do so”.

ASAE stated: “ASAE will continue to carry out inspection actions, within the scope of its competences, throughout the national territory, in favor of healthy and fair competition between economic operators, in safeguarding the safety of consumers and in verifying compliance with current regulations.”