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Progress at Van der Ven Auto’s & Recycling

Auto Recycling World learned more about the recent developments at Van der Ven Auto’s & Recycling, which include a new dismantling hall and enhanced battery storage, reflecting its commitment to innovation and sustainability.


Progress at Van der Ven Auto’s & Recycling p
Van der Ven Auto’s & Recycling

Van der Ven Auto’s & Recycling (Van der Ven), a car dismantling company based in the Netherlands, was founded in 1979. In the early years, the company consisted of an office and a junkyard with an area for dismantling vehicles. Today, it has grown into one of the largest integrated car dismantling and recycling companies in Europe. Every year, it processes between 30,000 and 35,000 cars, reusing an average of 98.5% of them.

Van der Ven has a 27-acre site with office spaces, a pickup counter, a warehouse with a wide range of auto parts, a scrap area with four operated Powerhands, a dismantling hall, a tyre hall, a fluid-free hall, a garage, an office for the purchasing department with a large fleet of used and damaged cars. In addition, Van der Ven offers a self-service concept called “Venyard,” where customers can dismantle car parts themselves at fixed low prices.

Disassembly of used car parts

Significant renovations and expansions are taking place within the company. The new dismantling hall, which has been active for the last two months, has doubled the dismantling capacity. With 11 ramps currently accessible to both traditional and electric vehicles, it is now also easier to dismantle batteries from vehicles. There are also SEDA trolleys in the dismantling hall to transport cars. Van der Ven has noticed an increase in hybrid and late-model electric vehicles, highlighting the need to train employees on how to dismantle them adequately. Three employees attended this training, with one even completing an additional course to increase his expertise.

Progress at Van der Ven Auto’s & Recycling n dismantling hall
New dismantling hall

In response to the growing need, storage capacity has been created outside the buildings for batteries. Not only are electric vehicle batteries for sale, but all other valuable parts are also for sale. Because of this, electric vehicles are no different from other vehicles. Although the methodology remains largely the same, some differences can also be seen.

The introduction of new trolleys for used parts transport, which carry 700 to 1200 items to the warehouse every week, optimises the efficiency of the process. At the same time, the quality centre has been expanded to ensure that all parts are thoroughly tested and photographed before entering the warehouse.

Progress at Van der Ven Auto’s & Recycling transport
New trolleys for used parts transport

Van der Ven’s warehouse is currently undergoing a major redesign to ensure that parts can be stored more efficiently. The warehouse currently holds 70,000 auto parts, which will be expanded to 100,000.

Progress at Van der Ven Auto’s & Recycling redesign
The warehouse is undergoing a major redesign

Four SEDA Tilting Lifts are currently operational in the hall, which are suitable for dismantling engines and gearboxes. These tools have not only simplified operations for employees but have also increased safety in the workplace. The Tilting Lifts allow employees to remove engines from cars without causing damage. Every week, engines and gearboxes are removed from cars using the Tilting Lifts. There are cranes to move the parts in the workshop, and there are also trolleys to move the car to maintain the quality of the parts.


Van der Ven has invested significantly in its fleet of vehicles, consisting of 40 of its own trucks responsible for collecting cars in the Netherlands. There has also been growth in personnel at Van der Ven, from 135 to 150 employees. These 150 enthusiastic, expertly skilled employees contribute daily to the total concept of sustainable automobility.

Progress at Van der Ven Auto’s & Recycling f 40 vehicles
Fleet of 40 vehicles

In the area of safety, there is currently a permanent Health and Safety Coordinator who focuses, among other things, on ensuring safety in the workplace. In the HR department, there is someone dedicated to recruitment with a specific focus on an effective onboarding process. Internal training for new employees is regularly organised by current staff; if necessary, external staff are brought in to provide the training. Safety is an important aspect here, which is also reflected in ongoing staff training.

In addition to investment in the vehicle fleet, the company has also paid attention to sustainability by installing 800 solar panels at various locations on the property. This investment in renewable energy can be seen visually in recent aerial photos.


Van der Ven works closely with ARN to recycle 98.5% of dismantled cars. ARN works with the entire car recycling chain to achieve a circular economy. Van der Ven is also affiliated with Stiba. Stiba is a trade organisation that promotes the interests of the vehicle assembly industry. Stiba places the focus not only on material reuse but also on the reuse of used car parts.

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