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Recyclers: Better serving your bodyshop partners

Alexandre Rocheleau, Marketing Manager at Progi, a Canadian company that provides digital solutions for auto recycling operations, provides Auto Recycling World discusses how auto recyclers can keep their bodyshop partners happy by understanding their requirements.


Recyclers: Better serving your bodyshop partners f one re
Alexandre Rocheleau

In the Western world, rebuilding a damaged part and making it look like new is a lost art for many bodyshop technicians. This skill is also threatened by the labour shortage and the upward pressure on bodyshop competitiveness.

Some shop managers are wondering: Do I have the team to deal with this recycled part? Will I lose money, or worse, time? They think their productivity may be at risk.

To keep your bodyshop partners happy, you need to understand their needs. This is important, so you know how to position yourself with them. You need to look at their teams, their working methods, and their customers.

Recyclers: Better serving your bodyshop partners p two

In general, bodyshops don’t have very complicated needs, but sometimes the market cannot offer them what they are looking for.

It’s simple:

  • They want parts that are available, of the right quality and at the price they are willing to pay.
  • They want smooth and on-time delivery.

In short, they are looking for parts suppliers who can serve their productivity when their workload is heavy. They also want a consistent service.

If this service is not available to them, they will easily turn to competitors, i.e., another recycler that they will consider more reliable, or they will opt for aftermarket or original parts.

Granted, they will pay more for those parts, but productivity-minded bodyshops understand that dealing with poor quality parts means more repairs or exchanges, and the opportunity cost is high in terms of production. These bodyshops will stop considering you if you continue to cause them production interruptions or delays before the start of repairs.  

A few tips on how to get good bodyshop partners:

  • Give them easy access to your inventory, prices, and part quality with accurate information. Nowadays, many technological solutions provide direct access to this information and save you time on the phone. 
  • If you know your customers well, personalize your offer by telling them about your merchandise and being consistent in applying discounts and shipping costs.
  • Know the limitations of their technicians in repairing and refurbishing parts. It is your job to advise your customers well, so know them well. If you are aware that a partner always returns B-grade parts, then there is no point in sending them another one, you will waste your time and theirs.

Recyclers: Better serving your bodyshop partners p three

In conclusion, if you rely on the bodyshop clientele in your business strategy, go and talk to them, inform them of your services and build a strong business relationship to serve their workshop. As you develop your business networks, take the opportunity to create lasting relationships.

Accept that your offer may not meet all their business needs. Adapt if it’s worthwhile or drop it rather than serving customers that will never be happy.

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