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ReparCar: Streamlining Collaboration Between Workshops and ELV Centers for Efficient Parts Sourcing

ReparCar is revolutionizing the way workshops and ELV (End-of-Life Vehicle) centers collaborate by introducing an innovative online marketplace. This French vehicle parts supplier aims to simplify access to non-computerized stocks of ELV centers, enabling its customer workshops to expand their search for reused parts.


ReparCar: Streamlining Collaboration Between Workshops and ELV Centers for Efficient Parts Sourcing p
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The primary objective of ReparCar is to streamline the process of finding second-hand parts for mechanics. By functioning as an intermediary between workshops and ELV centers, the marketplace offers a convenient platform for workshops to inquire about the availability of specific parts held by the dismantlers.

ELV centers continually replenish their stock of new second-hand parts, but these additions are not always immediately computerized. Recognizing this challenge, ReparCar addresses the issue by bridging the gap between workshops and ELV centers, making the search for repairers with non-digitized stocks much more straightforward.

To initiate a parts request, mechanics simply need to enter the license plate and the category of the desired component. In response, ReparCar provides information regarding its availability and price. Subsequently, the dismantlers offer an estimate, allowing the repairer to compare quotes. The platform’s exclusive invoicing method enables workshops to conveniently pay immediately on, streamlining the entire process.

One of the key benefits for ELV centers partnering with ReparCar is that they can avail themselves of the platform’s services free of charge. Commissions are only charged by the marketplace in the event of a successful sale. Additionally, these centers are not required to connect to inventory management software to facilitate online sales.

In an article at j2auto, Stéphane Brault-Scaillet, co-founder of ReparCar, said:

“With this solution, we have gone even further in our approach to raising awareness of the reuse of parts, by providing garage owners with a clear and quick system for finding parts. Putting parts from dismantlers online makes it possible to fill 30% demand from garages. Eventually, we hope to meet 80% of the demand thanks to this new feature.”

ReparCar’s marketplace serves as a virtual hub, connecting workshops and ELV centers seamlessly. By leveraging this platform, workshops gain access to a vast network of ELV centers and their non-computerized parts inventory. The ability to expand their search beyond what is available online empowers repairers to find the necessary components more efficiently, potentially reducing repair costs and minimizing vehicle downtime.

Moreover, ReparCar’s solution significantly benefits ELV centers by offering an additional sales channel without the need for complex software integration. This allows them to tap into a larger customer base and increase their visibility in the market. The partnership with ReparCar not only enables ELV centers to generate revenue through online sales but also contributes to the sustainable reuse of vehicle parts, promoting a circular economy and reducing waste.