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Retriev Technologies acquires Battery Solutions to create largest comprehensive battery management solution in North America

Retriev Technologies, the most comprehensive lithium battery recycler in North America and the pioneer in end-of-life battery management, has acquired Battery Solutions, the North American leader in sustainable, end-to-end management solutions for end-of-life batteries and consumer electronics. The combined offering brings two complementary industry leaders together to create the first and only comprehensive battery management solution in North America.


Retriev Technologies acquires Battery Solutions to create largest comprehensive battery management solution in North America p

Battery Solutions’ sophisticated cross-chemistry collection, exceptional battery-centric logistics network, largest end-of-life battery sorting services in North America, and customer-centric approach to end-of-life battery management complements Retriev’s long heritage as the oldest and largest lithium-ion battery processing operation. Battery Solutions has a strategic national footprint with an expansive portfolio that services the entire end-of-life battery life cycle for EVs, telecommunications, consumer collection, waste management sectors and more.

David Klanecky, CEO, Retriev Technologies said:

“The opportunity to deliver upon North America’s need for an end-of-life reuse solution for batteries that involves critical materials recycling at scale creates an extremely competitive value chain for the United States.” He added: “Our combined assets and talented team enable us to be the only player in the industry that has the capability to collect, transport, sort and process every type of battery at every touchpoint from the end of one life cycle to the beginning of another. This creates a substantial material ‘resource’ for auto OEMs and battery manufacturers in the circular supply chain.”

Retriev’s operations include battery recycling and sorting facilities in Lancaster and Baltimore, Ohio, and Brea, California, as well as Trail, British Columbia. Battery Solutions brings added processing, sorting, fulfillment, logistics and storage solutions with their 95,000-square-foot facility in Wixom, Michigan, and a 60,000-square-foot facility in Mesa, Arizona.

Retriev’s newly combined offering has the expertise and infrastructure to develop customized solutions for both large and small customers that simplifies the collection process and reduces the conversion time. The current customer portfolio includes thousands of customers, with an emphasis on automotive OEMs, environmental services, retail, communications and consumer products.

Thomas Bjarnemark, CEO, Battery Solutions said:

“Global EV and electrification trends are accelerating at rates that both drive scarcity of natural resources on the front end and necessitate careful end-of-life management to harness recycled natural resources.” He added: “Contributing to the circular economy model is a core focus of Battery Solutions, and this integration with Retriev brings us a huge step closer to making that a reality.”

Last October, Retriev combined with Heritage Battery Recycling to form the largest lithium-ion battery recycler in North America. The deal expanded Retriev’s collection and transportation network through partnerships with Heritage Environmental Services (HES) and Heritage-Crystal Clean.

Retriev Technologies is backed by the power of Indiana-based The Heritage Group and affiliates and California-based Kinsbursky Bros. Int’l (KBI).

About Retriev Technologies

Retriev, the recognized leader in battery management and recycling, has been at the forefront of safe and responsible recycling technology for decades, processing lithium batteries for over 30 years. Retriev utilizes a patented hydrometallurgical process that recovers critical materials necessary for the manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries that are used to power our world. Retriev’s reputation is built on research, knowledge, compliance and responsible battery recycling and management services.

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About The Heritage Group

Founded in 1930, The Heritage Group (THG) is a fourth-generation, family-owned business managing a diverse portfolio of companies specializing in heavy construction and materials, environmental services, and specialty chemicals. Companies within the THG portfolio include Heritage Environmental Services, Heritage Construction + Materials, and Monument Chemical. With more than 5,000 employees and 30 operating companies worldwide, THG aims to build a safer, more enriching, and sustainable world by harnessing the power of family.

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About Battery Solutions

Battery Solutions has been a North American leader in battery recycling management with end-to-end solutions for 30 years. Battery Solutions is committed to conserving natural resources from spent batteries, and diverting them from landfills, through scalable programs. As the largest U.S. handler for cross-chemistry battery recycling management, Battery Solutions charts a path forward for their customers by supporting fully traceable end-of-life management services and products.

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