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Revolutionize Professional Automotive Recycling Industry With Gold Seal Quality Assurance Certification

United Recyclers Group (URG) and Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) proudly announce a groundbreaking collaboration aimed at redefining industry standards: the launch of the Gold Seal Quality Assurance Certification for professional automotive recyclers. This initiative, unveiled at the recent United Recyclers Group Annual Conference hosted with Team PRP, merges URG’s 9000 certification and the Gold Seal certification established by ARA and signifies a monumental leap forward in quality assurance within the automotive recycling sector.

Revolutionize Professional Automotive Recycling Industry With Gold Seal Quality Assurance Certification pThe Gold Seal Quality Assurance Certification program represents a transformative moment in industry collaboration and excellence. By pooling their expertise and resources, URG and ARA have developed a unified framework that ensures consistent quality and reliability across automotive recycling operations nationwide.

“With a shared commitment to excellence, URG and ARA are working side by side to drive positive change within our industry,” said Kristi Werner, CEO at URG. “This joint effort marks the beginning of a new era in automotive recycling.”

Designed to garner recognition across key sectors including insurance, collision, and mechanical industries, the Gold Seal certification program reflects a collective dedication to advancing industry best practices and standardization.

“ARA and URG working closely together has been on my radar for years, and now in a cooperative effort it is going to happen,” said Shannon Nordstrom, longtime Chair of ARA’s Certification Committee and current ARA Second Vice President.  “This agreement starts the path, using the foundation of ARA’s long established Certification program, combined with the great work in this arena that URG has done through the years to create this new combined Quality Assurance program. ARA and URG will promote the new program together as one! With these organizations working together our goal is to create a legacy of excellence for the quality parts and service that automotive recyclers provide all consumers in the automotive repair industry, both mechanical and collision”

The journey towards this milestone has been marked by unwavering dedication from representatives of both organizations. Over the past six months, leaders from ARA’s Executive Committee, and members of the URG Board have worked tirelessly to bring this vision to fruition.

“This partnership underscores the power of unity within our sector,” remarked Kristi Werner. “By leveraging our combined expertise and resources, we can establish a new benchmark for quality assurance in automotive recycling.”

For further information about the Gold Seal Quality Assurance Certification Program and the collaborative efforts of URG and ARA, please contact Kristi Werner or Sandy Blalock.