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Road transport and highways minister inaugurates a vehicle scrapping facility in North Indian state

On Tuesday, 10th May, Nitin Gadkari, Road transport and highways minister, inaugurated a vehicle scrapping facility in Nuh district of Haryana, the North Indian state surrounding New Delhi, on three sides.


Road transport and highways minister inaugurates a vehicle scrapping facility in North Indian state p

A government authorised vehicle scraping facility has been set up by Abhishek K Kaiho (AKK) at Fatehpur village in Nuh district of Haryana, a partnership between the Anointing Group and Japan-based Kaiho Sangyo.

The minister said that the automobile scrapping policy brought by the Union government would reduce pollution while increasing the production capacity in the sector at a lower cost.

According to the statement, Gadkari said that the biggest benefit from this policy would be that copper, steel, aluminium, rubber and plastic would be readily available.

Anirudh Kedia, Director of AKK said: 

“AKK Plant is the first unique facility in India to utilise modern technology to salvage and reuse maximum number of components from the vehicle and recycle items like steel and plastic by melting and reusing in an eco-friendly manner. Helps to do. The plant has a capacity to recycle 1,800 vehicles per month, and we will set up 7 to 8 more facilities across the country in the next few years.”

The national vehicle scrappage policy was launched in August last year and aims to phase out unsuitable and polluting vehicles and promote a circular economy. The government has claimed that the material recycling sector employs 4 crore (40 million) people directly and indirectly, and this number is expected to go up to 5 crore (50 million) by 2025.

Haryana transport minister Mool Chand Sharma, who was also present on the occasion, praised the Union minister for “creating a network of roads not only in the state but in the entire country”.