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SBR: Sustainable Solutions in Automotive Recycling

Andreas Frössberg, Chairman of the Swedish Car Recyclers Association (Sveriges Bilåtervinnares Riksförbund (SBR)), discusses critical issues facing the automotive recycling industry. Highlighting concerns over illegal vehicle exports, he emphasises the need for improved supervision and collaboration with authorities to ensure responsible practices and sustainable outcomes.


SBR: Sustainable Solutions in Automotive Recycling p
Andreas Frössberg
Perceiving the Surge in Illegal Vehicle Exports

The recent surge in illegal vehicle exports, especially to Nigeria, is indeed concerning and has significant negative implications for the automotive recycling industry. From my standpoint as Chairman of the Swedish Car Recyclers Association, this trend highlights a glaring problem of inadequate supervision and control from regulatory authorities.

Addressing the Issue of Decommissioned Vehicles: SBR’s Efforts and the Role of Collaboration with Authorities

The Swedish Car Recyclers Association (SBR) is currently tackling the challenge of decommissioned vehicles whose whereabouts are uncertain. Efforts are underway to improve tracking and monitoring through collaboration with authorities. A recent comprehensive study conducted by the IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute on behalf of the Swedish transport agency sheds light on the severity of the issue, revealing shortcomings in Sweden’s off-road notification regulations. 

For more details, refer to the summary provided in English within the study, accessible via this link:  

SBR’s Efforts to Ensure Consistent Oversight of Vehicle Scrapping

To advocate for fair and consistent supervision nationwide, the SBR is implementing various strategies. One key initiative involves advocating for a shift in responsibility from municipalities to county governments. This proposed change aims to streamline supervision practices, reducing discrepancies given the fewer entities involved at the county level (only 21). Additionally, the association is pushing for the implementation of a certification requirement, such as ISO or EMAS, for association membership and all authorised dismantlers. This move seeks to address the lack of or inconsistent supervision, ensuring adherence to rigorous standards throughout the scrapping process.

SBR’s Initiatives and Expected Outcomes

In line with the growing focus on sustainable and circular car recycling, the Swedish Car Recyclers Association (SBR) is actively pursuing concrete measures to regulate the market and ensure the participation of only compliant car recyclers. Building upon the demand for third-party certification, the SBR advocates for improved and fairer supervision, with a primary focus on centralising oversight. By implementing these measures, the association anticipates significant enhancements in the quality of car recycling practices, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly industry.

The Role of Certification in Automotive Recycling

Certification systems play a crucial role in promoting responsible practices within the automotive recycling industry, particularly concerning the environmentally and legally sound handling of end-of-life vehicles. Managed by third-party entities, these certifications ensure neutrality and structured supervision, maintaining consistency nationwide. The Swedish Car Recyclers Association (SBR) monitors compliance rigorously. Companies failing to meet requirements risk losing their certification and association membership. Moreover, stakeholders, such as auctioneers selling insurance cars, mandate association membership and valid certification for dismantlers, further reinforcing responsible practices across the industry.

To find out more about the association, please visit  

Andreas will also be presenting at the IRT Webinar – Beyond Batteries: Mastering the EV Recycling Challenge on May 2nd. The event is free to register, please find out more here.