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Scrapoto India – first firm to offer online service in vehicle scrapping

Scrapoto India Pvt. Ltd., India’s first-of-its-kind Phygital vehicle recycling company, is the first company in India to provide an online service.


Scrapoto India - first firm to offer online service in vehicle scrapping p

Scrapoto helps customers scrap all their accidental, total loss, salvage, and end-of-life vehicles (ELV) and offer used vehicle parts reconditioning services. The firm is India’s first start-up company to provide online vehicle scrapping services, plus they offer an end-of-life vehicle scrap price calculator.

The online scrapping service provider aims to make its vision of a cleaner and greener India unfeigned reality with its latest action plan.

Aniket Bag, Scrapoto India’s company founder, is an automobile engineer turned ecopreneur. Riding on his will to protect mother nature and with nearly 20 years’ experience in the automobile engineering industry, he contributes to India’s changing automobile recycling and refurbishing processes with his unique business venture.

Scrapoto began in Bangalore, and it has emerged as a pan-Indian one-stop shop for all kinds of ELV recycling and refurbishing services. It facilitates straightforward vehicle scrapping while taking care of all customer’s recycling issues. The company plants a tree for every successful car scrapping project.

Company founder Aniket Bag talks about the Scrapoto India vehicle recycling plant and automobile reconditioning lab:

“The current Government of India is taking proactive steps to promote the vision of Green India and a Swachh Bharat. Its new ELV policy of declaring a vehicle as ELV or unfit if it fails the mandatory automated fitness test indicates the same direction.

Scrapoto envisions taking forward the green India mission through its vehicle recycling plant and automobile reconditioning lab within this frame of reference. I am delighted to be able to announce the commencement of our new project that will surely change the current situation in Indian vehicle recycling for good.”

Through effective recycling, India will be able to roll back its greenhouse gas emissions to a significant degree and recover tons of materials like steel, aluminium, plastic, and rubber all at once. While the concept of vehicle recycling sounds advantageous for the health of our environment, the ELV recycling industry is full of challenges.

The unorganised recycling sector suffers from the absence of a competent and organised recycler.

Scrapoto functions as an organised digital vehicle scrapping aggregator and refurbishes parts exchange marketplace making the journey from vehicle to scrap smoother. The online ELV recycling firm encourages reducing carbon footprint by recycling older, polluting, unfit vehicles and extracting green and reconditioned parts.

Scrapoto deals with all kinds of ELVs, including 2-Wheelers, 3-Wheelers, Cars, Trucks, Buses, and Pick-up Vans. Moreover, they offer the best price for the vehicle based on its condition and the current scrap market value.

As it plans to build its first vehicle recycling plant and automobile reconditioning lab, Scrapoto takes a step ahead toward its dream of becoming a leader in Eco-ventures.