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SIGRAUTO held 9th National Meeting on the Management and Recycling of ELVs

Sigrauto, the Spanish Association for the Environmental Treatment of End-of-Life Vehicles, brings together the ELV recycling sector in the framework of the international recovery and recycling fair (SRR)


SIGRAUTO held 9th National Meeting on the Management and Recycling of ELVs p

In June, within the framework of the seventh edition of the International Recovery and Recycling Fair (SRR 2022), SIGRAUTO organized two major events attended by around 300 people, mainly from Authorized Centers of Treatment (CATs) – which is the name currently used by car scrap yards – together with representatives of vehicle manufacturers and importers, scrappers, recyclers and public administrations.

The “SIGRAUTO Awards Ceremony for Innovation in Recovery” was held on the evening of June 13. Due to the fact that in 2020 it was not possible to celebrate the delivery of the 2nd edition, the delivery was made to the winners of the 2nd edition, in addition to the winners of the 3rd.

To see the winners, please click here.

On June 14, 2022, the President of SIGRAUTO welcomed and thanked all those attending the “IX National Meeting on the Management and Recycling of End-of-Life Vehicles” for their assistance. Likewise, he highlighted that this IX edition should have been held in June 2020 but that, due to the COVID-19 health crisis, it had to be postponed and celebrated that, finally, the sector could finally meet again, also coinciding with the 20th anniversary of SIGRAUTO. Then, the different interventions began according to the planned program.

The Meeting began with a block of presentations in which the following participated: Jaco Huisman as head of the European Commission in the field of vehicles at the end of their useful life (VFVUs) and Alejandro Navazas from EURIC, which is the European Confederation of Recycling Industries. Likewise, in this block, the position of the European Association of Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA) was also exposed. In this block of presentations, it was possible to learn first-hand about the main changes that the European Commission plans to introduce in the future regulations that regulate the management of vehicles at the end of their useful life.

A round table was then held in which the regulatory framework of VFVUs in Spain was analyzed, with the presence of Fernando Burgaz – Technical Advisor of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, Cristobal Cremades Rodriguez – Provincial Traffic Chief of Madrid, Rafael Pardo – General Director of AEDRA, Arancha García Hermo – Director of the Industry and Environment Area of ​​ANFAC and Alicia Garcia-Franco Zúñiga – General Director of FER.

During the second block of presentations, different aspects related to the economic framework of VFVUs were discussed with the participation of Manuel Kindelan – General Director of SIGRAUTO, Ramon Martul – Managing Director of STONEX Financial Europe, Jaime Barea Navamuel – Corporate Director of GANVAM and Miguel Ángel Cuerno – Corporate Director of ANCERA.

Finally, a block of papers was developed on the safe handling and recycling of electric and hybrid vehicles and their batteries with the participation of D. Jaco Huisman, presenting a joint presentation made with Cesar Santos Gil, responsible for the European Commission in the field of batteries and accumulators, Jon Barrenetxea-Arando – Manager at the Inatec Foundation and Rafael Pardo – General Director of AEDRA.

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