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BIR 2024

Spain: Workshops and Authorised Treatment Centres sign a Code of Good Practices

On 19 June, representatives of the Spanish Automobile Scrapping and Recycling Association (Aedra), the Spanish Confederation of Automobile Repair Shops and Related Products (Cetraa) and the Spanish Federation of Automobile Workshop Entrepreneurs (Conepa) signed a document of good practices between Authorised Treatment Centres (CATs) and motor vehicle maintenance and repair workshops.


Spain: Workshops and Authorised Treatment Centres sign a Code of Good Practices p
From left to right: Mario Pinilla, president of the Cetraa Environment Commission; Germán Catoira, president of Aedra; José Miguel Guerrero, president of Confemetal; and Ramón Marcos, president of Conepa.

The signatories of the document, meeting at the Madrid headquarters of Confemetal, were Germán Catoira Lamela, president of Aedra; Mario Pinilla Pérez, president of the Cetraa Environment Commission; and Ramón Marcos Fernández, president of Conepa.

The code is intended to be the reference document for the relationship between CATs and workshops, allowing shared commitments to be reached between the parties. It establishes the following framework declarations, which promote:

  • The repairability of vehicles and the use of spare parts prepared for reuse by authorised economic agents.
  • Training and research in favour of the repair and preparation for the reuse of vehicle spare parts.
  • The rehabilitation of vehicles with special historical or singular interest.

And the following commitments are acquired:

  • In sales to repair professionals, the presentation of their registration in the industry will be requested, providing the NRI / NRE in order to avoid the proliferation of illegal workshops.
  • Delivery of a certificate on the used spare part sold.
  • Recognition of a guarantee on the used spare parts sold to the workshop by the CAT, with a duration of at least six months.
  • The workshops will only acquire used parts from the CATs as Authorised Centres for the treatment of vehicles at the end of their useful life.

The signatory entities emphasise that the agreement is based on the basic principles of legality, assuming that the economic agents that make up this sector will act at all times in strict compliance with the applicable legislation and loyalty, committing to treat each other responsibly in good faith and with professional diligence.