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Spain’s Multibreves CEO Vicente Comesaña and his impact on auto recycling

Auto Recycling World finds out more about the Spain-based CEO of Multibreves and co-founder of Used Word Parts, Vicente Comesaña, and his involvement in the auto recycling industry.


Spain's Multibreves CEO Vicente Comesaña and his impact on auto recycling p
Vicente Comesaña

First, a little background

When we started the Multibreves Network in 2014, our first client was an auto recycling yard in Spain that, at that time, had a digitized stock of over 10,000 parts which they manually uploaded to a local platform for users of that platform to call them by phone to inquire about a part. Today, that scrapyard has nearly 300,000 digitized parts, automatically publishes on the best online sales platforms in Europe, and is a reference for online parts sales in Europe.

From this first client, we have fit very well into the automobile recycling industry, digitizing hundreds of auto recycling yards in Spain. Today we work with scrapyards in Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands, among others. Currently, we publish more than ten million parts from these auto recycling yards on different online platforms throughout Europe. Auto recycling yards from all over Europe hire our services.

I believe that Multibreves has benefited many auto recycling yards by accelerating the online sales of recycled parts – a trend that is increasingly popular in the automotive industry.

Spain's Multibreves CEO Vicente Comesaña and his impact on auto recycling l

Multibreves and Used World Parts

At Multibreves, we offer the service for the auto recycler to sell directly on the best online parts sales platforms, but it is the yard that manages, sends, and sells. The auto recycling yard is the one that has to provide all the human resources to carry out that management. Whereas, at Used World Parts, we sell, manage, and ship. The auto recycling operation only has to worry about preparing and packaging the part. The rest is taken care of by us. We have online sales platforms that only work with this option, so it is very convenient for them to deal with all their sales and incidents with a single point of contact. The vehicle recycler only has to consider digitizing.

Many auto recycling businesses work with both options; they can complement one another.

Spain's Multibreves CEO Vicente Comesaña and his impact on auto recycling l two

Evolution in digitization

I have seen it evolve very quickly. Nowadays, auto recycling yards are authentic reverse-engineering factories for automobiles. I know of yards that digitize close to 1000 parts per day, ready to sell online. Auto recycling yards have been abandoning face-to-face sales to put all the necessary resources into improving their internal processes to focus on online sales.

Our service is not just technological to connect auto recyclers with online sales platforms, we could say that this part is 50%, the other 50% is that we assign a dedicated account manager to each auto recycling yard within our company who guides and assists with management, incidents, shipping, returns and so on The auto recycling business has a reference point to turn to. What would take them years to learn, they accelerate from day one with our account managers.

The market we are targeting is immense, and we ourselves are surprised. We add more and more auto recycling businesses to online sales platforms, and they all sell more and more. For now, I don’t see the point of equilibrium between supply and demand that exists worldwide.

Customer’s needs

Within an auto recycling operation, there are different business models, such as metal recovery and sales, vehicle sales, and in-person sales. At Multibreves, we work with our clients to focus on processes in the area of online sales. We try to convey all the experience gained over the years working with hundreds of businesses throughout Europe.

The digitization of auto recycling yards is a process that is gaining increasing importance in the industry. Digitization allows for better inventory and process management, greater operational efficiency, and improved customer service.

One of the main ways in which yards are digitizing their operations is through the implementation of online inventory management systems on their websites or online platforms. These systems allow businesses to register and track all available car parts in their inventory, which facilitates the search and identification of parts by customers. Additionally, these systems also allow for better logistics management, which can reduce wait times and improve part delivery.

Another way in which yards are digitizing their operations is through the implementation of purchasing systems through the online parts sales platforms that Multibreves works with. These systems allow customers to search for and buy car parts directly online, which facilitates the purchasing process and reduces wait times.

Finally, auto recycling yards are using digital tools to improve their customer service. This can include online chat tools to help customers find the right car part, or online order tracking systems that allow customers to track the status of their orders in real-time, such as with the specialized shipping platform Qaplá.

In summary, the digitization of auto recycling businesses offers many benefits, from better inventory and process management to improved customer service. It is an evolving process that will continue to grow in the automotive industry in the coming years.

Technological developments and their advantages

The future of auto recycling operations in Europe is affected by several factors, such as technological advancements, government regulations, and changes in the automotive industry. Here are some trends and perspectives that could have an impact:

  • Sustainability: The demand for sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices in the automotive industry is increasing. Auto recyclers could play an important role in managing vehicle waste and recovering valuable parts and materials. Therefore, businesses will need to adapt to new environmental regulations and laws.
  • Technological advancements: Technology will continue to be a driving force in the industry. Artificial intelligence and automation could help businesses improve efficiency in recovering valuable parts and materials, as well as in waste management. It is also expected that inventory management systems and tracking and locating technology will become more advanced in the future.
  • Used car parts market: The used car parts market is expected to continue growing in Europe due to lower prices and the availability of parts that are difficult to find in the new parts market. This may generate opportunities for auto recyclers, provided they can adapt to new quality and safety requirements established by European regulations.
  • Circular economy: The circular economy is based on reducing waste and reusing resources. Businesses can contribute to the creation of a circular economy system in the automotive industry by recovering valuable parts and materials from end-of-life vehicles.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can have various applications in the auto recycling industry. Here are some examples:

  • Vehicle classification: AI can be used to classify vehicles according to their brand, model, age, condition, etc. This can help yards quickly identify vehicles that are more valuable to disassemble and recover their parts.
  • Parts disassembly: AI can be used to optimize the process of dismantling parts, determining the best way to access and extract valuable parts from vehicles. This can reduce labor costs and increase efficiency.
  • Parts analysis: AI can be used to analyze recovered parts and determine their value. This can be useful in identifying valuable parts that can be sold as spare parts in the market.
  • Demand forecasting: AI can be used to predict the demand for car parts in the market. This can help car dismantling yards make more informed decisions about which parts to recover and sell.
  • Predictive maintenance: AI can be used to predict when vehicles will reach the end of their life. This can help yards plan their activity and anticipate the arrival of new vehicles for dismantling.

Undoubtedly, AI will be the greatest revolution, used to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase the quality and profitability of business in the auto recycling industry.

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