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SRN – 10 years of scooter recycling in the Netherlands

Scooter Recycling Nederland Foundation (SRN) recently celebrated its tenth anniversary this year.


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According to a recent article at Scooter Recycling Nederland Foundation (SRN), there are approximately 1.2 million mopeds and light mopeds on the road in the Netherlands, and on average, after more than 10 years, these two-wheelers will be scrapped. It is therefore of social importance to recycle these vehicles in a responsible manner at the end of the journey.

The RAI Association, a representative of scooter manufacturers and importers, and BOVAG, a representative of scooter companies, set up the Scooter Recycling Nederland Foundation (SRN) 10 years ago.

SRN - 10 years of scooter recycling in the Netherlands p two

SRN’s national network consists of more than 180 return points and more than 65 scooter dismantling companies. They ensure that the owner can return his old scooter free of charge. The SRN-approved dismantling company removes environmentally harmful materials such as oil, fuel and the battery. These materials are then collected and recycled, and some parts are sold as used parts. The metal that remains is recovered for reuse via a shredder company. By sustainably recycling the materials and processing them into new products, SRN’s participants contribute to the circular economy.


Chairman of the board of SRN, Martijn van Eikenhorst said:

“The industry has professionalized itself and offers sustainable mobility solutions. Recycling is an important part of this, and more and more companies are aware of this. That’s every reason for a party. The tenth anniversary of our national network is truly a milestone of which we, together with the industry, can be proud. This milestone also marks the start of a national campaign to bring scooter recycling to the attention of consumers.”

Owner of two-wheeler company Tensen, Tjem Tensen, said: “We want to completely unburden our customers. SRN is the signboard for us. With this we show that, when someone hands in an old scooter, we ensure a good settlement.”

Scooter Recycling Nederland (SRN) is the Dutch recycling system for mopeds and mopeds up to 50cc. SRN is an initiative of the RAI Association and BOVAG to recycle end-of-life mopeds and light mopeds in a socially responsible manner, to make new raw materials available and to dispose of environmentally hazardous substances properly.

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