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BIR 2024

Sustainability high on the agenda at the STIBA GMM 2022

STIBA general members meeting took place last month in Bodegraven in the Netherlands, and as well as relevant association and member matters being discussed, guest speakers focused on sustainability and the promotion of used components, training and handling data.


Sustainability high on the agenda at the STIBA GMM 2022 p

Jeroen van de Braak, section manager RAI Aftermarket answered in his presentation the question of how everyone will have to contribute to making our mobility more sustainable. According to aftersales, he said: “Workshops are much more important for making our mobility more sustainable than politicians in particular think.”

He argued in favour of the workshop – not only that of the vehicle dismantling company but that of the car company and bodyshop – against the background of a warming earth, poor air quality in cities, the depletion of raw materials and that vehicles lay on public space. Assuming that everyone has the right to drive, it is undesirable that we all switch to an electric car, which also has drawbacks, argued Van de Braak. “There is not one simple solution. We only have one planet.”

Van de Braak sees that the government, citizens, the business community and non-governmental organisations are all cleaning up their own streets, but that this does not lead to an optimal sustainability effect for society. In order to achieve a good balance, “everyone will have to do something and everyone will have to give in something”.

In addition to RAI Aftermarket, Paul Dietz introduced himself as the new General Manager of ARN. Stiba has a strong partner in Autorecycling Nederland (ARN) and the ties between Stiba and ARN were strongly strengthened during the members’ meeting. In his presentation, Paul emphasized three topics on which ARN and Stiba can work together: promoting used components, training and handling data. Paul said: “These are topics on which I want to make a strong case for a collaboration with Stiba because we really need each other.”