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Taking on world auto recycling at the upcoming FORS conference

FORS, Poland’s Car Recycling Association, is preparing for its upcoming world conference in Warsaw in September 2023.


Taking on world auto recycling at the upcoming FORS conference p
A previous FORS conference

 Since 2016, Poland’s Car Recycling Association, FORS, has organized international conferences titled “Recycling of end-of-life vehicles in Poland and in the world”. In previous conferences, car industry representatives from all around the world gathered to provide their views on the current auto recycling situation.

After a 3-year break caused by the pandemic years and the war in Ukraine, FORS has decided to organize this year’s edition. The fifth conference is planned for September 13th – 14th, 2023, in Warsaw at the Airport Hotel Okęcie.

This time, the theme of the conference, “Recycling of ELVs in Poland and in the world – Review of the national systems”, brings together an overview of vehicle recycling systems in various countries and the solutions used to support the development of its industry.

Due to the character of the conference, which is to disseminate knowledge in the field of vehicle recycling, to serve the exchange of experiences and views of various representatives of the industry, FORS wants the widest possible representation from the environment of recyclers not only from Europe but also from other continents.

This is why it is FORS’ pleasure to invite you to present the state of vehicle recycling concerning your country. 

In order for the review to bring the greatest benefit to the conference participants, the association would like all speakers to present their national systems according to the topics added below:

Topics to be presented by each country

  1. Market size:

– number of registered vehicles

– the number of vehicles recycled at legal disassembly stations – per year

– the number of currently operating legal vehicle dismantling stations and cars body shredders

– the size of the shadow economy expressed as a percentage – the scale of the shadow economy

  1. Methods and systems preventing the development of the shadow economy – existing and planned
  2. The role of individual operators in the end-of-life vehicle recycling system:

– vehicle manufacturers/ importers

– operators of vehicle disassembly stations

– operators of cars shredders and operators of other installations for processing waste from vehicles

– insurers 

  1. Disassembly parts market:

– market size, parts distribution methods

– are there any restrictions on the trade in parts intended for reuse from disassembly?

– what are the tax burdens on the sale of used parts – is tax on the margin or on the whole?

  1. Electric and hybrid vehicles:

– requirements for disassembly stations and employees

– percentage share in the market of hybrid electric vehicles

– are there facilities to process batteries from hybrid or electric vehicles?

– what are the economic conditions for the transfer of batteries from hybrid or electric vehicles – who pays whom?

  1. Theft of catalysts – the scale of the problem and methods of preventing theft.
  2. Types of waste with which disassembly stations have the biggest problem when it comes to their management.
  3. Other innovative – legal or technical solutions related to the recycling of end-of-life vehicles.

The conference will be held in English with simultaneous translation into Polish. The planned speaking time for each speaker is 40 minutes. During this time, you can also present as an exhibitor to the organization that delegates the speaker. 

A person representing a given country/organization is provided with free participation in all thematic panels during two days of the conference with a free lunch and Gala Dinner on day one, and hotel accommodation free of charge during the conference – selected two days: 12/13th or 13/14th September 2023.

FORS would be grateful if you could confirm your presence at its conference as a speaker by February 24, 2023, to the following e-mail address:

Or if you have any additional questions, please write to or The whole program of the conference will be sent after all details are agreed at a later date.