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The 4th International Retired EV Battery Management 2020 conference – virtually possible!

Allen Yu, tells us about the upcoming virtual conference ‘International Retired EV Battery Management 2020’. 

Retired EV battery conference post

Allen is an organiser at GDMMC, a consultancy company based in Anhui, China who specialise in organising exhibitions with companies from around the world and with the focus on electronics, batteries and new energy from electric vehicles industry. 

Their nine previous conferences focused on electronics, batteries and super capacitors, power battery recycling, and new energy vehicles in China and around the world, but due to the COVID situation, GDMMC and co-organiser, Enabled Future Limited (EFL) have put together this year’s conference, the ‘International Retired EV Battery Management 2020’ from 18th-19th November using the Zoom platform.

The-4th-International-Retired-EV-Battery-Management-2020-conference---virtually-possible-twoBased on the success of the ‘International Summit of Retired EV Battery Management 2019’ in Huayou and the ‘China International Li-on Battery Reuse and Recycling 2019’, GDMMC is pleased to be recognised by industry leaders and experts.

China is the largest market for new energy vehicles, as well as the biggest players in the EV industry. Many international leaders wish to know more about the policy, scale, future plan and current status and many Chinese companies also wish to expand business overseas.

As the 2020 conference is being held using the Zoom platform due to the COVID-2019, the organisers wish to build up a global communication platform in the EV industry to promote developments and communication.

 Why choose our Zoom Webinar conference?
  1. We offer simultaneous interpretation during the conference (English and Chinese)
  2. There will be a Q&A session during the conference period where questions can be prepared and given to the speaker before the conference begins as well as during the conference period (given your questions to the chairperson)
  3. There will be an opportunity for exhibitors to display a video about their company product or service during the conference
  4. Networking is not a problem; messages can be sent directly to delegates you wish to make contact with. 
  5. Meeting ID will be sent to participants and only registered delegates are accepted to join.
Conference Highlights
  • Present and future management direction of retired EV battery reuse and recycling management & future management direction
  • The role of battery recycling in the EU
  • Rising commodity prices and the role of recycling
  • The sustainable development of the battery Gigafactory
  • Closing the loop towards more sustainable batteries
  • Battery recycling situation in different counties 
  • EV Battery re-utilisation experiences 
  • Building the world’s greenest battery – using cutting-edge recycling
  • Latest updates about retired EV battery reuse and recycling from companies including; GH Tech, Hunan Brunp, GEM and Huayou
  • Global development and opportunity of retired EV battery reuse and energy storage
  • Retired EV battery recycling and reuse in China Tower 
  • The importance of Total Life Cycle management for Li-ion EV batteries
  • Introduction to the current situation of BYD’s cascade utilisation
  • Experiences in the application of “Second Life” lithium-ion batteries in residential, commercial and industrial fields
  • Daimler’s development of a large-scale energy storage system using recycled car batteries
  • Volkswagen’s EV battery circular economy journey
  • Other OEM perspectives on retired EV battery management in the new mobility era

If you wish to find out further information on how you can be a part of this conference, please contact Allen at or visit to find out more about the upcoming International Retired EV Battery Management 2020.