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The ELV Regulation – Going into the details – IARC 2023

This June, at the IARC conference, there will be an opportunity for attendees to participate in the auto recycling-related workshops that the event has on offer. “The ELV Regulation – Going into the details” workshop will be conducted by Wily Tomboy, a former Toyota executive and now an automotive recycling expert, and is open to those in attendance.


The ELV Regulation – Going into the details - IARC 2023 p
Wily Tomboy

The workshop “The ELV Regulation – Going into the details” is a unique opportunity for the participants to gain additional and detailed information concerning very specific key elements of the upcoming new ELV Regulation, which might have a great impact on stakeholders directly involved: car manufacturers, importers, producer responsible organisations (PRO), vehicle dismantlers, shredders, material suppliers. 

The main takeaways for the participants are exclusive access to experts’ responses on a number of key issues based on the current state of the legislation at that date:

  • Scope – To what extent will the possible extension of the scope – with heavy-duty vehicles and motorcycles – impact their manufacturers and importers?
  • EPR – To what extent will the Extended Producer Responsibilities (EPR) impact the activity of the key stakeholders mentioned above? 
  • PRO – What additional tasks will this require from the PRO?
  • ATF – To what extent will the extended scope and EPR impact the activities of the Authorized Treatment Facilities (dismantlers), and the shredders, in view of the objectives regarding recycling content and the requirements for the re-use of certain metals?  
  • E-vehicles – What will the impact of e-mobility have on the work of ATFs and the qualifications of the workforce at the ATFs (technical skills, safety)?
  • IDIS – To what extent will the overhaul of the International Dismantling Information System (IDIS) trigger additional workload for vehicle manufacturers, and how will the user community benefit from these changes?
  • Other legislation – To what extent will this new Regulation cross-cut with other new Regulations? 

If you are a stakeholder involved directly or indirectly in any of the topics raised, then this workshop is more than worthwhile for you to attend, actively participate in the discussion and get answers to your questions. 

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