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The Netherlands Van der Ven Autorecycling – offering self-service and more

Van der Ven Autorecycling B.V., a market leader in car recycling within the Benelux based in The Netherlands, establishes its newest division ‘Venyard’, a unique auto parts self-service concept.


Van der Ven Autorecycling - Leading the auto recycling market p

Van der Ven Autorecycling B.V., was founded in December of 1979. The company is based in Roosendaal in The Netherlands, on a 23-acre site.

Van der Ven employs over 135 employees who are responsible for processing more than 35,000 cars each year. In addition to their recycling company, Van der Ven also has a car company which focuses on buying and selling used cars of various price ranges.

The organisation buys all vehicles, regardless of their condition. And as an extra service to customers which have sold their car, the company facilitates free transport of the sold vehicles. The transport fleet consists of 35 trucks and lorries which are driven by one of their (over) 35 qualified drivers.

The Van der Ven headquarters is located in the south of the Netherlands with another location in Nijkerk, which is in the middle of the country and which allows the company to collect vehicles quicker and more efficiently, providing a better service for its customers.

Van der Ven Autorecycling - Leading the auto recycling market p two

As mentioned previously, Van der Ven recycles more than 35,000 cars annually. Before each vehicle is sent to the recycling department, a selection of vehicles is made which will be dismantled for parts using the company’s several car bridges in its workshop. The result is a stock of 70,000 used car parts, ready for immediate shipping. All parts are tested in the workshop and come with a 12- month guarantee.

Cars classified as non-profitable for dismantling will be placed on the newest division of Van der Ven Autorecycling: ‘Venyard’.

Venyard is setting a new standard within the auto recycling ‘world’ with its unique auto parts self-service concept in The Netherlands, where customers can dismantle car parts they desire and check out at the cash register. They also developed their own software, mobile app and online services.


Venyard offers low prices, a clean environment, refreshments and bathroom facilities on-site, and even the option to listen to tunes through their outdoor speakers whilst customers are at work. If customers do not have the correct tool for the job, or if they forget to bring them, it is possible to rent them on site. Customers can even take a shopping trolley, just like visiting IKEA!

The company doesn’t stop at self-service; right next to the car recycling company, sits Van der Ven Auto’s B.V, which is a separate company focused solely on buying and selling used cars, of which, the company usually has around 300 used cars in stock.

To sell all car parts throughout Europe, Van der Ven has seven different webshops, all targeting other countries, including The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Poland and Spain, all of which are represented on In addition to their own webshops, Van der Ven also uses marketplaces like eBay and marktplaats. The latter focusses solely on the Dutch market.

Van der Ven Autorecycling - Leading the auto recycling market p one

Going further afield, Van der Ven exports parts to different countries. These parts are stored in a separate export warehouse where more than 7500 engines and gearboxes are waiting to be shipped.

And finally, for now, anyway, is the most recent development within the business, the expansion of a new property and a lot of outside space for their used cars department. With this addition, they hope to turn their stock of 150-300 used cars into a stock of 600 used cars.

To find out more about the company, email or visit