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The role of MUVATA in the Auto Recycling Industry

Lau Lee Chein, President of the Malaysian Used Vehicle Autoparts Traders Association (MUVATA) talks to Auto Recycling World about the part the organisation plays in the auto recycling industry.


The role of MUVATA in the Auto Recycling Industry p
President Lau Lee Chein

Malaysia Used Vehicle Autoparts Traders Association (MUVATA) is an industry-driven NGO representing the voice of the used vehicle auto parts industry in Malaysia.

MUVATA was founded in 2011. It has an office located in Klang town, with a current total of 325 members. As the membership grows, members’ benefits are enhanced with business opportunities and profitability, including networking and guidance for business operations. Membership is open to companies of all sizes, from wholesalers, to retailers of used auto parts, and from sole proprietors to international businesses. Companies associated with the industry, such as auction houses, repair workshops, equipment suppliers and service providers, joined MUVATA as associate members.

The role of MUVATA in the Auto Recycling Industry p two
President Lau Lee Chein

Since its inception, it has been an honour for MUVATA in its mission to be a vibrant association that represents the interest of its members. It has been involved with inputs and information for current industry trends and government legislative initiatives that affect the auto recycling industry.

MUVATA has been and will continue working to improve the practices within the industry to collectively promote the benefits of responsible auto recycling with the members, general public, local governments and key stakeholders. The association’s vision is to spread information about the correct ways to recycle automotive vehicle parts to the industry players, for the members to practice the highest regard for the environment and safety.

The association works to address several challenges within the industry, making sure new legislation affecting the industry is practical and effective and promotes the sound development of the used auto parts industry. MUVATA provides feedback on legislation introduced to help the government check that its aims are being realised, particularly where unintended consequences negatively impact legitimate businesses. It is involved in dialogue facilitation, has close links and engagement with ministries, government and agencies, and other associations in topics related to the industry and for the developments of Malaysian policies and standards.

The role of MUVATA in the Auto Recycling Industry p four
Promoting Malaysia Used Vehicle Autoparts Traders Association (MUVATA)

Today’s modern professional auto recyclers have given confidence to consumers, encouraging re-use of vehicle parts through improved standards of quality & service and technological advances in marketing & sales. MUVATA promotes used auto parts through exhibitions and important key players, and its members continue to provide consumers with quality, low-cost alternatives for vehicle replacement parts while preserving the environment for future generations.

MUVATA is fortunate to be exposed to converse with global leaders in the recycling community about the important global developments occurring in the automotive recycling sector through participation in trade missions, exhibitions, forums and conferences. With the rapid development worldwide, the importance and opportunities for the automotive recycling industry are growing exponentially.

The role of MUVATA in the Auto Recycling Industry p three
Gala dinner group with all committee members in 2019

Partnering and working with associates, MUVATA step forward to help enhance the public’s perception of the industry by introducing a wide range of marketing tools to rebrand recycled parts, connecting customers to MUVATA members who are offering quality recycled automotive parts.

Besides promoting the development of business activities, MUVATA emphasises striking a balance with social welfare, has pledged to contribute to the upliftment of the underprivileged group in society. It is Fostering a culture of voluntary blood donation within its members through the annual blood donation campaign.

MUVATA is now celebrating its tenth anniversary during the new global crisis – with the ongoing health pandemic that has caused distressing economic and lasting devastation around the world. MUVATA will continue to be at the forefront in helping the Malaysian auto recycling industry to cope with the impact of COVID-19. Nevertheless, MUVATA is well equipped to meet any challenges that come forward. MUVATA plays an important role in helping the industry recover from the crisis. It is exactly where the association stands along with its industry members for them to stay strong and be ready to grow. It’s always darkest just before dawn.

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