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Three Generations of Kempers in ELV Recycling

Peter Kempers, owner of Kempers Autorecycling GmbH tells us about the set up of his auto recycling company and three generations on, how the company has grown to be one of Germany’s leading ELV recycling centres. 


Kempers Autorecycling ELV recycling four
Ayton Kempers (left) and Peter Kempers (right)

Kempers Autorecycling GmbH has been a family run business since the 1960s.

It all started in The Netherlands and we became the leading ELV recycling company to accommodate several insurance companies and German car manufacturers. 

In 2005 we moved all our operations from the Netherlands to our current facility located in Meppen (Germany), due to our co-operation with the German car factories. The company has expanded considerably since then and continues to grow. Kempers Autorecycling GmbH is currently one of Germany’s leading ELV recycling companies which meets the latest industry standards.

We specialise in the recycling/dismantling of the latest models of German and exclusive cars. Most of them are imported from the UK, but we also import from other countries like the USA, UAE, Korea and Australia. We have a strong and reliable international network of co-dismantlers whom we work together with. 

As well as importing vehicles, we are also contracted to several car manufacturers/factories in Germany. We also process vehicles on their behalf under strict surveillance and we are currently processing a lot of approximately 50 brand new premium vehicles. These vehicles don’t meet the safety requirements and therefore need to be destroyed.

All vehicles are dismantled and processed in our modern workshop, according to all safety and waste regulations. The bodies are crushed after.

Our workshop is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment to process both conventional, hybrid, and electric cars in a safe and environmentally friendly way. All our staff are trained to handle any kind of vehicle without any issues.

In the past, we have been investing a lot into our IT Infrastructure and warehousing. Due to our geological location, we are completely dependent on this. Most of our sales are processed online or by phone. We offer our customers fast and worldwide shipping. Whether it’s a small switch or a complete drivetrain.

We’re currently working on a new 3,000 sqm warehouse, which will be used for the storage of used body parts and have a container loading dock for export. The demand for high-quality body parts has increased significantly over the past years, especially by fleet and insurance organisations.

We offer our customers high-quality body parts, where all the imperfections are documented and photographed precisely. At the same time, we offer a high-quality packing and delivery service. This is highly appreciated by our customers, as we save both on funds and the environment.

We’ve also acquired a new 10.000 sqm plot this year. We’re currently busy preparing this lot to make it fit for use of the storage of ELVs. An extra area will be set-up for the storage and quarantine of electric/hybrid ELVs where we expect it to be ready in the next 6 months. 

Our staff team currently consists of nearly 25 people who we’re very proud of, and place a very high value on their job satisfaction. We’d like to give them a big thank you for the goals we’ve reached together over the past years.

We are proud that our company offers a flexible, reliable and high-quality service to our customers. This is our key to success for three generations already.

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