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‘Totaled Treasures’ YouTube auto ‘picking’ show racking up the views

A YouTube-based show for the auto recycling industry – ‘Totaled Treasure’, released its second episode at the end of 2020.


‘Totaled Treasures’ YouTube auto ‘picking’ racking up the views p

With a similar format to shows like “Canadian Pickers” and “Storage Wars”, “Totaled Treasure” follows Vince Edivan and Aaron Stone as they travel across America visiting auto recycling facilities to sift through abandoned vehicles in search of valuable, interesting, or strange artefacts.

The show’s second episode – ‘Christmas in New York!’ which premiered on YouTube on the 22nd December, featured the guys visiting ‘Wilbert’s U Pull It’ in Rochester, New York and hoping to settle the bet of which of the two is the true “King of Christmas.”

‘Totaled Treasures’ YouTube auto ‘picking’ racking up the views lAs well as bantering with one another, the duo competes to find the most interesting items left behind in the Wilbert yard, including an iPhone, a guide to boat piloting and more than just a little bit of weed.

Whilst seeking out items in the show, they not only entertain the audience but also spread awareness about what is an often overlooked, but nevertheless vital aspect to the lifecycle of a vehicle.

The introduction of the show provides a brief overview of the history of auto recycling with much of the messaging of the show reinforcing the idea that what is abandoned is not necessarily junk.

Totaled Treasure’s YouTube channel at last glance, had 428 subscribers and the latest video has been watched more than 12,000 times.

View the ‘Totaled Treasures’ trailer below