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Trade association Stiba starts campaign for reuse of original parts

Stiba brings attention to consumers to consider having used parts fitted during vehicle repairs.


Stiba starts campaign for reuse of original parts p

 Consumer research by GFK shows that car owners are insufficiently aware of the possibility of having used parts fitted during repairs. These parts are an affordable and sustainable alternative to new car parts. Most used parts also come with a warranty. To bring this to the attention, branch organisation Stiba is starting a national campaign today under the heading ‘Sustainably used’. The main purpose is to inform people about the possibility of choosing used car parts.

 The launch date (Thursday 10th September) of the campaign is part of Millieu Centraal’s ‘The week without waste’ and is all about reuse.

Ruud Spuijbroek, chairman of Stiba said:

“It is still too rare for people to ask for used parts when they bring their car to the garage for repair.” He added: “A missed opportunity because original, used parts are an inexpensive and, moreover, durable alternative, on which in most cases you simply receive a warranty.”

The more people choose to have their car repaired with used parts, the more we contribute together to sustainable mobility and the circular economy.

In France, it is regulated by law that garage owners also make a quotation for the reuse of original parts for repairs for cars of two years and older. In addition to garages, insurance companies in France also encourage the reuse of parts. As a result, the use of original, used parts has increased by 150% in a few years. “If no new parts have to be produced, this saves on scarce raw materials. Reuse fits seamlessly into the task of all member states of the European Union to reuse at least 95% of the weight of end-of-life cars. ” This makes reuse the new normal.

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