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BIR 2024

UK – New Reclaimed Parts Research Report from e2e reveals huge potential for increased use of reclaimed parts

The e2e Reclaimed Parts Research Report, published today, explores insurer and bodyshop attitudes to, and usage of, reclaimed parts; to include processes and challenges that influence decision-making.

UK - New Reclaimed Parts Research Report from e2e reveals huge potential for increased use of reclaimed parts p

Overarching findings show that insurers are committed to and actively adopting reclaimed parts as part of their sustainable motor claims strategies.  Bodyshops, aside from the fast movers in the market, continue to require assurance related to parts availability and accessibility, together with quality and ease of use and work provider approval. The research*, conducted in partnership with ABP Club, surveyed insurers and bodyshops with questions tailored to their operating environments.  The full report is available on the e2e website.  

The research findings reveal the huge potential for increased use of reclaimed parts, with the bodyshops reporting they could be used in nearly every job, but in reality, the majority of bodyshops (66%) are currently only using them on less than 10% of their jobs. Meanwhile, 100% of insurers are already promoting their use now or intend to within 12 months. The decision on whether to use reclaimed parts is primarily made solely by the repairer (39%) or jointly with the insurer and policyholder (20%). Only in 22% of jobs is the decision made solely by the insurer. The biggest influence as to where the bodyshops source the reclaimed parts is availability (60%), followed by ease of sourcing (39%), followed by cost and work provider instruction (both 32%).  The bodyshops still find it easier to source new parts than reclaimed parts, however, 74% say they would welcome a seamless platform for the sourcing, costing and ordering of reclaimed parts.

Jim Loughran, CEO at e2e, commented:

“The reclaimed parts market is evolving rapidly and many of the historic issues faced are reducing.  This research provides the opportunity to understand those challenges remaining and informs our thinking on how best to resolve them; in order to deliver maximum efficiencies and mutual benefits to insurers and bodyshops. Bodyshops’ needs require addressing for the market to mature effectively and ease of sourcing, availability and quality are key to that requirement. We are designing a next generation reclaimed parts solution, capable of integrating with and responding to parts requests raised through existing systems in use in the market. We will provide access to the inventories of quality graded, warranty assured, provenance tested, OEM reclaimed parts held by our network members throughout the UK. This is the largest, sustainable inventory of reclaimed parts stock standing at 500,000+ and comes with the assurance afforded by vehicle recyclers certified to the UK Standard for Reclaimed parts.  As a network, with UK wide scale and reach, we are uniquely able to satisfy market needs, providing the quality of parts required at the time they are needed.” 

David Cresswell, Chairman at the ABP Club, said:

“We understand how important reclaimed parts have become in the accident repair industry, what started as an environmental issue has grown to become a solution for the ongoing parts shortages affecting our bodyshop members. The national solution that e2e offers customers gives bodyshops across the UK access to a huge range of assured parts. ABP are delighted to have worked with e2e on this report, and we hope everyone finds the results both interesting and useful.”

*Survey Representation:

Two different on-line surveys were compiled and sent out in February 2023 – one to bodyshops and one to insurers. The responses were completely anonymous. 70 bodyshops and 18 insurers responded to the survey.