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Upcoming India Recommerce Expo – a focus on automotive waste recycling

The 3rd Edition of the Recommerce Expo is a comprehensive B2B trade fair that promotes the exchange of ideas and the development of new opportunities. The 3-day exhibition and conference will focus on Automotive Waste Recycling and refurbishment, Battery Waste Recycling and refurbishment, and E-Waste Recycling and refurbishment.


Upcoming India Recommerce Expo - a focus on automotive waste recycling p

The event will highlight diverse topics like customization of refurbished products, latest recycling technologies, materials-recovery solutions, end-of-life strategies, business models, and logistical challenges for heavy reuse and refurbished products.

Upcoming India Recommerce Expo - a focus on automotive waste recycling p two
Recommerce Expo 2021

Many are keen to get back to business in person to allow participants from across the globe to follow the debates and exchange with the speakers.

Every car that comes onto our roads sooner or later becomes an end-of-life vehicle, its safe and sustainable handling is an issue of critical importance. All over the world, the challenge of waste management is being considered increasingly through the lens of materials efficiency, embedded in the idea of growing circular economies.

India is not only emphasizing exploring new possibilities but also encouraging a circular economy. The recently launched National Automobile Scrappage Policy exemplifies this vision.

The recycling industry is betting heavily on this initiative by the government. At 25% (7 million cars) of total vehicles that could be scrapped initially is expected to generate a business of around USD 2.9 billion (equivalent to ~INR 190 billion). These numbers are likely to boost over time.

Recommerce Expo-The Third Edition will address key highlights and ensure a direct opportunity for international cooperation and business promotion by providing quality orations by eminent specialists, researchers, and buyer-seller meetings.

Upcoming India Recommerce Expo - a focus on automotive waste recycling p three
Recommerce Expo 2021

This is the next step to meeting your new business opportunities and growing bigger within the recycling community.

With a vision embodied by Mr Venkat Reddy, Founder of Recommerce Eco, they are evolving to build an ecosystem to bring together and expand the various stakeholders responsible for bringing a change to the current Recycling industry.

With a vision to revamp the Recycling Practices, be a part of Recommerce Expo-Third Edition to Experience the Inexperienced!

We are keen for you to discover what makes Recommrce Expo 2022 unique and how we’re ‘Connecting Minds and Creating the future through sustainability, mobility, and opportunity.

The event is scheduled to take place on the 18th, 19th & 20th May 2022, at the Lalit Ashok, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

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