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URG – Competing in an ever-changing market

Don Porter, CEO at United Recyclers Group, LLC (URG), based in Texas, US, tells Auto Recycling World about the products their association offers and what benefits their tools can have for automotive recycling businesses.


URG - Competing in an ever-changing market p
Don Porter

United Recyclers Group, LLC, an association of automotive recyclers, was founded in 1995. Its original purpose was to facilitate creating a new yard management system (YMS) built by recyclers for recyclers.

URG members wanted a YMS that would streamline business operations, create efficiencies, and enhance the ability to manage inventory.  From the collective experience and input of the original members, Pinnacle Classic was created.

Currently, URG has more than 480 company members who, as a group, operate more than 650 full service and self-service locations throughout the US and Canada.

URG’s mission has always been to lead the industry in providing superior products and services tailored to automotive recyclers’ operational needs. Today, URG helps its members maintain their competitive edge by providing access to a unique portfolio of business tools, innovative technology, data protection, e-commerce solutions, operational support and much more.

To follow are a few of the business tools and services URG has developed:

  • Core Value Program – Helps recyclers get top dollar for their inventory. URG downloads current core prices from multiple core companies directly into the recycler’s yard management system so the sales staff will automatically be prompted at the time of the sale to charge the highest core price, thus maximizing profits.
  • URG PartsPro – A robust parts lookup tool. Recyclers can obtain the same reliable parts information as contained in the Mitchell Collision Estimating Guide in an easy-to-use electronic format. It provides part diagrams, which allow for selecting individual parts, displaying part numbers and OEM pricing. It also assists sales personnel in building assembly pricing, which can lead to additional sales opportunities. PartsPro is the only URG product that is available to non-URG members around the world.
  • URGNet Control Center – Was created to make it easy for recyclers to track, control and protect their confidential information when feeding data to third party vendors accessing the recyclers’ database.
  • URG Data Tier Program – Allows recyclers to show one or more broker yard’s data in their YMS. It increases the amount of inventory available for sale and reduces the number of times salespeople have to say, “I don’t have the part in stock.
  • Data Exceptions Report – Finds inaccuracies in the recycler’s parts data and provides the recycler with an opportunity to correct their information. Inaccuracies in the parts data cause parts to be excluded from being fed into the collision estimating systems.
  • com – URG’s retail e-commerce website. Collision repair facilities and/or individual consumers can view and purchase available parts online. It includes vehicle images and online chat functionality.
  • PARTSSOURCEPRO – Provides a recycler with the opportunity to grow their audience and increase part sales. This tool allows the recycler to connect non-VIN parts inventory directly into the CCC estimating system. This system is powered by OnPart. It enables the recycler to include aftermarket, remanufactured, reconditioned, OPT OE, and surplus OE parts in their CCC data feed.

These are just a few of the business tools URG, or in partnership, has developed over the years. URG has also been branching out to provide additional services to help maximize recyclers business opportunities.

In 2017 URG expanded into the insurance market by forming a captive insurance company, URG Insurance Company. The insurance organization is domiciled in the state of North Carolina. Recyclers now have the opportunity to form their own captive cell or combine with other recyclers to form a cell through the URG captive program. The captive insurance program provides recyclers with the opportunity to self-insure some of their own inherent business risks, such as warranty claims, which are normally self-insured.

To help recyclers manage their warranty claims, URG created the URG Warranty Claim department. The claim department is staffed with ASE Master Certified technicians who handle warranty claims involving engines, transmissions, transfer cases and differentials.

To facilitate the claims process, URG created a proprietary warranty claim software application that allows for bi-directional communication of warranty claim information between the URG claim representatives and the auto recyclers personnel. This application increases the efficiency and accuracy of claim reporting and claim handling and reduces administrative costs and claim costs. Claim handling, throughout the life of the claim, is documented at every stage. The bi-directional communication and tracking program allows the recycler the ability to view the claim file at any time in the process.

Our claims personnel represent themselves as working for the individual recyclers’ product service department, which elevates each recycler’s credibility and professionalism participating in the program. The URG Warranty Department will continue to expand, and as it does, add additional recyclers seeking claim services.

URG and its board of directors believe highly in giving something back to the industry we serve. Therefore, URG founded the URG Scholarship Foundation for this purpose. This foundation awards educational scholarships to the recyclers’ employees or to their children wishing to attend a college, university, trade, or vocational school. Through the generous donations of our members and industry sponsors, in 2020, we were able to award $30,000 dollars to students attending a 4-year college and $10,000 dollars to students attending trade or vocational schools.

URG is a growing and dynamic automotive recycler association staffed with some of the most talented business professionals in our industry.  Our focus now and into the future is to create products and provide services the auto recycling industry needs to compete in an ever-changing market!

I appreciate having this opportunity to share a little insight into a great organization. I feel very fortunate in having the honor to be able to lead our URG team!

To contact Don, please email him at, alternatively, please visit