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Used World Parts and Solera España sign an agreement to enhance the use of ecological replacement in vehicle repair in Spain

The global company Used World Parts and the technological Solera España have signed a collaboration agreement whose main objective is to enhance the use of ecological replacement for vehicle repair in Spain.


Used World Parts and Solera España sign an agreement to enhance the use of ecological replacement in vehicle repair in Spain pWith this alliance, both companies want to boost the car repair sector so that Spanish workshops can more often offer their customers replacement parts from irreparable vehicles that are not damaged and that can be used for other repairs. In this way, costs are reduced and contribute to the promotion of the circular economy, avoiding emissions associated with the manufacture of a new exchange.

Thanks to this agreement, the supply of replacements will be unified through Used World Parts, and a minimum guarantee of one year will be possible for all ecological replacements purchased. Furthermore, by grouping on the same platform the references of the 1,600 Authorized Treatment Centers (CATs) that exist in Spain, the work can be done in less than 72 hours at any point in the country.

As Iria Álvarez, director of Used World Parts, explains: 

Used World Parts and Solera España sign an agreement to enhance the use of ecological replacement in vehicle repair in Spain IA
Iria Álvarez

“The ecological change plays a key role as a real solution for all those vehicles whose repair is unacceptable at the cost. Furthermore, it is a sustainable alternative that supports the circular economy and which, when carried out through a specialized manager, offers total guarantees to the customer. Through our platform it is verified that the used parts are compatible with the specific vehicle in terms of brand, model and year of manufacture, so the technicians are assured of getting the correct part”.

The Ecological Exchange in Spain

According to the study carried out by Solera, the incipient ecological exchange market in Spain could reach 900 million euros in the next few years, which represents around 10% of what changes exchange in our country.

As it is pointed out, each year “decreases” in Spain the equivalent of 3% of the country’s automobile fleet, namely, some 700,000 coaches. Every day these vehicles are over 15 years old, which is why their parts are less suitable. Meanwhile, 150,000 coaches are less than 15 years old, representing the most profitable ecological change.

By implementing these changes, it is possible to reduce CO2 emissions in repairs by up to 15% and reduce the cost of repairs without reducing quality.

These items, which coexist in the market with the originals, can be used in 20% of repairs in Spain and have an average cost of around 55% lower than the new original replacement.

About Used World Parts

Used World Parts is a Gallegian company founded in 2017. It brings together on a single e-commerce platform the main Authorized Vehicle Treatment Centers in Europe to form an international cooperation network specializing in the sale of replacements.

The company is made up of highly professionalized businesspeople in its sector, concerned with understanding the substantial transformation that has taken place in their companies based on European regulations, focusing on recycling and reuse, turning their centers into a clear example of circular economy.

Used World Parts currently works with 95 Spanish outlets and 12 European outlets. Its catalog includes more than 4.2 million references of second-hand replacements. 

Among its wide network of clients throughout the world, we highlight those located in France, Germany, Italy and Lithuania.