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Vehicle Dismantler Haayer joins the Netherlands based ARN

ARN, the Netherlands based national network of car dismantling companies, welcomes its 224th car dismantling company, Haayer.


Vehicle Dismantler Haayer joins the Netherlands based ARN f four
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According to an article in Greenlight, powered by ARN, the 224th car dismantling company recently joined ARN.

Haayer, a family business in the east of the Netherlands, has joined the national network of car dismantling companies. Because the number of affiliated companies in Drenthe is smaller than in, for example, the Randstad, this offers a positive contribution to national coverage. Companies and consumers who want to get rid of their old car have a trusted address in this region! The Haayer family explains why they think it is important to join ARN.

Haayer senior said:

“It is very important to our company that we are affiliated with ARN. It is a clear signal to the market that we have our dismantling business in order and are a trusted address for dismantling cars. We notice that customers find the subject of the environment increasingly important. In addition, ARN has properly arranged the disposal of the waste streams and takes care of the associated administration. Reasons for all of us to get started seriously with the Quality Care Disassembly (KZD). We also expect that our relationship with ARN will yield benefits in the future. For example when it comes to dismantling training for lithium-ion batteries.”

Since 1997, Haayer has been located in Coevorden, a city and municipality in the province of Drenthe, Netherlands. The company has grown enormously in recent years and now the current site is almost too small. Haayer senior said:

“We don’t want to grow any bigger. The current situation forces us to keep our finger on the pulse and stay focused on the activities that are profitable. After all, you can only use your energy once. For example, it does not make much sense to keep twenty items from a car of 15 years and older.”

Haayer will focus in the coming period on the sale of parts for newer cars of up to ten years old. “For that reason, we have redesigned our warehouse”, adds Martin Haayer. Online sales are the future and although Haayer senior lacks personal contact with customers, there is no going back. He said:

“We could throw our phone away if this continues. We don’t want to grow any bigger. The current situation forces us to keep our finger on the pulse and stay focused on the activities that are profitable.”

In addition to car dismantling, Haayer also arranges the purchase and sale of damaged cars and parts. Most cars come from insurance companies. The majority of parts sales also go to professional parties, such as garages. These are usually regular customers who sometimes drop by several times a day for a part. The company buys and sells approximately 700 cars annually, of which 400 are dismantled cars. In addition to the cars on the site, Haayer also has five hundred miniature models that can be seen inside the entrance.

“This collection has been built up from the moment we sat next to a toy store with our first location in Beilen. Here we bought a scale model every week. Over the years, the collection has expanded enormously: it contains a few real gems, “Less kilometres are driven and we notice this in our company, the number of damage has also decreased.”

Due to the current situation as a result of COVID-19, the Haayer family notices that the trade is less than normal. The export of cars is lower, as is the parts sales. “Fewer kilometres are driven and we notice that in our company, the number of damage has also decreased. However, we already have plenty of plans for the new year, such as participation with dismantled cars at the Truckstar Festival in the region and a collaboration with the fire brigade.” In addition to a car dismantling company, Haayer is also a scooter dismantling company. Martin Haayer said:

“We have recently joined Scooter Recycling Nederland. Perhaps my sons will eventually be able to earn some extra money from the scooter trade, who knows!”.

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