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Vehicles dismantled in Poland in 2020 down on previous year

In Poland in 2020, over 400,000 passenger cars were delivered to auto dismantling facilities, a 13.6% decrease compared to the previous year and nearly 20% less than in 2018.


Vehicles dismantled in Poland in 2020 down on previous year feat four

According to an article in the Automotive Market Research Institute IBRM SAMAR, the database of the Central Vehicle Register shows that last year exactly 405,204 passenger cars were deregistered due to dismantling. This is 13.6% less than in 2019 and as much as 19.6% less compared to 2018 when over 500,000 cars were delivered to auto recycling facilities.

While the decline in 2020 vs 2019 can be partially explained by the COVID-19 pandemic in March, April and May, there is a clear decrease in the recorded deregistration – the systematically decreasing number of vehicles reported for disassembly should be worrying. According to the representatives of the Automobile Recycling Forum Association (FORS), the growing shadow economy is the main reason for this trend.

The analysis of data from individual voivodeships (regions) shows that in the last two years the number of dismantled cars decreased the most in Pomorskie (North) by -27.3% and Śląskie (South) by -25.2%, and the least in Kujawsko-Pomorskie (middle) by -5, 4% and the West Pomeranian Voivodeship (North West) by -5.8%.

In 2020, and similarly, in 2018 and 2019, 62,030 vehicles manufactured in 1999 were the most frequently dismantled, which constitute over 15% of all disassembled passenger cars. 50,684 cars from 1998 and 49,529 cars from 2000 were sent to dismantlers, and in total, over the past three years, this accounted for over 40% of all dismantled passenger cars.

The most frequently dismantled are vehicles that in those years were featured in sales rankings, not only in Poland but also in Western Europe. Almost two-thirds of the cars dismantled in 2020 went to Poland as part of the import of used cars.

71.4% of dismantled cars were those with diesel/petrol engines. The majority of these vehicles came to dismantling yards via private individuals and only 1% of dismantled vehicles are company vehicles.