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Vision: Salling Autogenbrug wants to be Denmark’s greenest auto recycling

Salling Autogenbrug is a modern auto recycling operation with the environment and the circular economy at the forefront. They have more than three million spare parts via shared stock. They tell Auto Recycling World more about how their company is looking to be the greenest auto recyclers in Denmark.


Vision: Salling Autogenbrug wants to be Denmark's greenest auto recycling p
‘Siblings at Salling Autogenbrug – L-R, Lasse Haubo, Lise Korsgaard and Mads Haubo

Salling Autogenbrug is ISO-14001 certified, which is their client’s assurance that all environmental regulations are complied with.

In 2019, Salling Autogenbrug won the “Autorecycler of the year” award. Among other things, the reason they did this was for their green profile, to think new and be ready for change, but also to deliver the right part for the right car in the agreed quality and to handle complaints.

In the beginning …

Salling Autogenbrug was founded back in 1987 by Peter Haubo. At the time, Peter had permission to have ten cars for scrapping – a lot has happened since then.

Family business

Today, Peter’s three eldest children own and run the company, each having a great passion for recycling.

It was in 2009, that this generational change began with Peter’s sons, Lasse and Mads. Running the company, Lasse was 26 years old, and Mads was just 18 years old and studying to be a mechanic.

The brothers have quietly expanded the business taking on more employees and growing the workshop and car rental side of the business.

In 2019, their sister, Lise, came on board. Lise is the only girl among her three brothers. She grew up with petrol, cars and scrap – but it never interested her. Actually, she knows little about cars. Therefore, her work assignments at Salling Autogenbrug include marketing, HR and ISO certification, as well as overall strategic development. Lise wants to develop the company in sustainability and circular economy.

Much has happened since 1987

The business has grown from having a permit for ten cars to 1560 cars on the site. And today, there are more than twelve full-time employees.

A fire fuelled a new dream

February 10, 2021, saw a tragedy at Salling Autogenbrug. Their new warehouse burned to the ground. More than 30,000 spare parts were destroyed. Not only did the new warehouse burn down, but so did the workshops.

The siblings took this opportunity to start anew with the business at another location 22 km away in Skive;  a large premises with a substantial outdoor area – a perfect location. They took the chance, and now the buildings have been newly renovated and ready for the future in Denmark’s greenest car recycling.

Who takes responsibility for a car?

The car owner has responsibility, especially while driving the car, but also on the day you get rid of it.

The legislation of 1 July 2000, requires that the car be removed from the road without burdening the environment unnecessarily. This means that the last registered owner, has a duty to return the car to an environmentally certified car recycler when it reaches its end of life.

Salling Autogenbrug’s assurance to help protect the environment

On receiving or collecting a scrap vehicle, Salling Autogenbrug assures the vehicle owner the welfare of the environment will be adhered to. They are ISO 14001:2015 certified according to the Statens Miljøkrav, which ensures safe treatment of all the hazardous waste substances found in vehicles.

Force Certification is responsible for the annual certification, which ensures that Salling Autogenbrug complies with the stringent environmental regulations that are in the area.

Vision: Salling Autogenbrug wants to be Denmark's greenest auto recycling p nine

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