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Watt4Ever wins the golden environmental BBAE award 2022 from the VBO-FEB

Watt4Ever wins the golden environmental BBAE award 2022 from the VBO-FEB, Belgian business award for Environment, and this in the presence of Minister Khattabi, Minister of Climat, Environnement, Sustainable development and the Green Deal.


Watt4Ever wins the golden environmental BBAE award 2022 from the VBO-FEB p

Watt4Ever specialises in dismantling electric car batteries and then giving them a second life in high-quality circular energy storage systems.

Golden wings

Watt4Ever is incredibly proud to have won the VBO’s golden environmental prize BBAE award 2022. This recognition gives Watt4Ever golden wings and enables them to put Belgium on the European map with these sustainable solutions. Watt4Ever is the Belgian pioneer for circular batteries. It also helps companies and individuals to reduce their energy bills.

The story of Watt4Ever

The car importers and Febelauto were looking for a good second life solution for discarded electric vehicle batteries. There was no local solution, so they started looking for partners to set up their own solution. The rest is a matter of organic growth: Watt4Ever is a company founded in 2020 by five partners: Febelauto, Out of use, Eco-lithium, Revolta and Shence Management, and all of them have specific knowledge in the process of discarded electric vehicle batteries, sourcing them, disassembling them, testing and certifying them, reassembling them in circular energy storage systems, delivering them and installing them at the customer’s site including optimising their energy consumption.


On the one hand, there is the need for a solution to the growing number of discarded electric vehicle batteries. On the other hand, there is a great need for affordable energy storage systems for emergency power supply, for better self-consumption of produced renewable energy or for grid services to keep the electricity grid in balance. Watt4Ever makes the match here. The batteries serve the first ten years in the electric vehicle and get a second life of another ten years as a circular energy storage system. This makes the environmental footprint of e-mobility even better. The CO2 impact of a Watt4Ever battery is 80% lower than if you were to use a new battery.

Second life

First, the discarded batteries from electric vehicles are tested. If a second life is permitted by the car importer/producer and it is technically possible, the transformation process starts.

The batteries are transformed into circular energy storage systems.

By 2021, more than 50% of EV batteries in Belgium will have a second life and Watt4Ever has a large share in this.

Two formulas

Watt4Ever sells batteries as a product but also offers ‘battery as a service’.

In this last formula, the customer does not have to make any investment (no Capex) and he gets so much ‘battery capacity’ at his disposal without having to worry about it and this at an operational cost.

Watt4Ever provides in any case for constant monitoring and optimisation of the battery and for the end-of-life story. Its strength in after-sales service is that it does this itself. If a module no longer performs as it should, they come and replace it themselves so that you can always enjoy the full benefits of the battery.

Still work to be done

Watt4Ever still has opportunities and wants to profile itself as a partner for the automotive industry to repair and remanufacture batteries according to the specifications of the car industry. They have everything in house to also provide these services to their partners. They are also a partner for the battery recycling companies to offer complete solutions to the industry together: second life and recycling. And they are already responding to the European legislation that is being revised and which expects total solutions.


Contact Aimilios Orfanos, CEO, at or Catherine Lenaerts, deputy CEO at