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What Do Body Shops Want From Auto Recyclers?

Tim Wall, President of TNT Auto Body Repair and Service Centers, in the US, is one of the expert speakers at the 77th Annual ARA Convention & Exposition which begins on the 11th November. He will be talking about what body shops expect from auto recyclers especially when it comes to recycled parts.

What do Body Shops want from Auto Recyclers p

Body Shop Expectations

Beginning with the explanation of a body shop’s unique “balancing act” of customer service towards two different customers at the same time: 

  1. the vehicle owner, and 
  2. the insurance company. 

Body Shop Expectations will explore and explain the struggles of day-to-day operations regarding recycled parts. The class will help recyclers understand these struggles and help their body shop customers capitalize on the dollars often un-noticed with recycled sheet metal. 

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Tim Wall

Secondly, the presentation will instruct how quality recycled parts affect the body shops bottom line, but not just in a negative manner as we often hear. The presentation will show how with clear communication and a perfectly described part, Recyclers can actually help their body shop customers make more profit on recycled OEM parts than new OEM, thus enhancing a positive relationship between the two. 

Body Shop Expectations reveals the keys of turning recycled parts challenges into proven added profit in the body shop that will positively affect the body shop’s bottom line. If the salvage yard can understand the body shop and has the ability to educate and encourage a relationship with them, both parties win. This results in enabling the salvage yard the ability to sell more parts.

Body Shop Expectations closes with 3 main ideas and concepts to build better relationships with body shops. First and foremost, by reaching out to educate shop management and owners on the value and higher profitability of recycled parts as a first repair choice. Secondly, to establish clear descriptions of part conditions. Lastly that recyclers will not position themselves to always be the cheapest, but to leave room for concessions to the body shop.

For more information and to register, please visit the ARA website at 

About Tim Wall

Tim is President of TNT Auto Body Repair and Service Centers, in Glade Hill, Va., US, and new owner of TNT Auto Salvage. Wall and his wife Tara bought an existing neighbouring salvage business, and, are refurbishing it to do business in automotive recycling.