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Yardsmart Software Awarded “Innovation in Cloud Computing” by RVATech, Richmond, VA

Troy Webber, third generation owner of Chesterfield Auto Parts, has been recognized by the Richmond Technology Council (RVATech) for  ‘Innovation in Cloud Computing’ 2022 for the development of “Yardsmart.” The designation is awarded to a cloud computing project that showcases breakthrough innovation and creativity in the practice and application of cloud computing.


First Auto Recycling Software “Yardsmart” Awarded 'Innovation In Cloud Computing' By RVATech TW
Troy Webber

The first cloud based software for auto recyclers which allows for automation of self service yards, Yardsmart research and development began in 2019, and completed beta testing this year.

“We debuted ‘Yardsmart’ at the Automotive Recyclers Association and were inundated with demo requests because we are the only software like it available worldwide. I’m really proud of creating something that moves the industry forward into the 21st Century and helps other owners,” said Webber.

Auto Recycling Needs Technology

According to Webber, “We need to be able to evaluate the cost and income on every car we buy for Chesterfield Auto Parts.

The right software solution combines the parts sales, scrap and core sales information together with the cost of goods. This then provides all of the information to determine a business outlook.

We are also burdened by a lot of regulatory issues and policies, so we needed a solid software platform that makes reporting thorough and efficient, especially regarding record keeping.”

First Auto Recycling Software “Yardsmart” Awarded 'Innovation In Cloud Computing' By RVATech p two

Yardsmart, a SAAS product, is available for a monthly subscription, and owners can request a demo via the website, at The software features an integrated Hollander interchange cross matched to any self service yard, with customizable point of sale features for credit cards, cash and specific products. In addition, there are options for extended warranties, labor services, aftermarket parts sales, integrated pricing from several core buyers, it provides an operator the ability to track Scrap and Core sales and process the sale of cars from a resale lot. Yardsmart employs a team of product managers, developers and engineers who regularly communicate with users about features or improvement they would like to see, as well as a support team to assist with any issues or problems installing or utilizing the product.

About Chesterfield Auto Parts

Family owned and operated, Chesterfield Auto Parts was founded in 1947. Chesterfield Auto Parts is a company of three self service auto parts junkyards that employ approximately 110 people in the Richmond Metro area of Virginia with three locations. Purchasing end of life vehicles from individuals, tow companies and auctions, the autos and parts are made available for retail sale.

About RVATech:

Richmond Technology Council was originally formed in 1989 as a member driven association of businesses and organizations working together to ensure the continued growth of Greater Richmond’s dynamic technology based economy.

For more information, please go to to request a demo.