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You’re Invited: Industry Relationships Are at the Heart of Our Success

Welcome to an invitation that goes beyond mere conventions and trade shows. Join us on a journey where industry relationships drive success and transform businesses. Paul D’Adamo, a RAS “Core Hunter,” invites you to explore the power of connections in the auto recycling industry.


You're Invited: Industry Relationships Are at the Heart of Our Success p
Paul D’Adamo

These past few weeks, OARA, ISRI, and URG have been a whirlwind of acronyms. People often ask me if I tire of traveling the auto recycling trade show circuit. My answer: NO. Having come from the Tech world before I fell into the Auto Recycling Industry, developing relationships has been one of the great joys of my career. This is the difference between simply attending conventions/trade shows and engaging in these get-togethers. My friend, Bill Weaver, used the term “reunion” for the IT Shows. How appropriate!

Once your mind and heart are open to new ideas and friendships, amazing things happen. In 2006, we finally tore down our old, dilapidated building and put up a 10K sq. foot building for sales, shipping, processing, dismantling, and warehousing. This was a huge improvement, catapulting us from the old Bill’s Auto Parts to the new Bill’s. In fact, I never thought it would or could happen.

This would have been a difficult task if it weren’t for the years of visiting other progressive recycling facilities by myself, General Manager Jim, and our crew. When debating how to rack the warehouse, Jim and I (along with our sons) flew to Bill Weaver’s place in Virginia. Bill and his son Greg were awesome hosts, and we discussed space-saving racking and maximizing our inventory. It would have been cheap and easy to buy some used Home Depot racking and make the best of it, but we tripled our previous storage capacity and sales for drive-train parts using new racking. With the help of our Big Joe Electric Picker, the flow of parts became much more efficient. What is the moral of the story: good decisions and wise investments increase bottom-line profit! Going cheap on things like this can cost you more than you will ever know.

Countless people have shared their successes, and their failures, with me. As business people, we are always looking for ways to improve the top line of revenue. Equally, if not more important, is running your business lean and focusing on your bottom line. That margin will separate the elite operations from the mediocre. Now more than ever, our business prowess must be finely tuned as margins have shrunk, considering the sky-high cost of inventory. One of the most insightful industry icons, Ron Sturgeon, wrote an article “Your Car Buying Process May Be Broken” in the March Toolbox Issue. In today’s volatile economic environment, those who can buy the most profitable inventory will have success.

When will I get the invitation?? Here it is . . .whether by phone or in person; my door is always open. Traveling to New England this Summer?? Call me, and let’s get together for lunch, a drink, or maybe a tour of RAS. Want to visit some yards? We can make that happen as well.

You're Invited: Industry Relationships Are at the Heart of Our Success com
Paul D’Adamo

Have you ever experienced Coastal New England? We have the luxury of the entire four seasons in all of their glory. We should consider making time for some New England cuisine, like a “Lobstah Roll”, or would you prefer “Chowdah and Clamcakes”? I now live in New Hampshire (grateful that RAS allows me to work remotely), so we can get together even if you are coming to Northern New England. This is my way of giving back. The last piece of advice is to always be open-minded and never stop learning.

I am NOT a Core Expert, but a Recycler working at a Core Company. This has advantages because I have become the Recycler’s “Inside Guy” Let’s put a laser focus on your inventory in 2023. Contact me at or call my cell at 401-458-9080. Let’s make a change together.